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What is a Tradition?

A way of doing something that has been passed down from generation to generation, is perceived to have value, and is considered to be the proper thing to do.

A Traditional Funeral Service generally means that there is a period for mourning following a death in the family, there will be arrangements for public viewing of the deceased and a public funeral service at either a Church or Funeral Home. Burial or entombment usually follows at a local cemetery. Cremation may be an option to burial and is considered to be a traditional part of general funeral services.

While the Traditional Funeral Service as described above is based on historic area practices and public sensitivity, these services can be modified or adjusted to meet special needs or to stay within a predefined financial limit.

Three types of Traditional Services:

  1. Traditional Service with the Visitation on one day, and the Funeral Service is held either at Church or the Funeral Home on the following day. Friends and Family usually go in procession to the cemetery for burial following the service.
  2. One Day Traditional Service with a period for Visitation prior to the Funeral Service and burial. All rites and services are concluded in one day although the deceased may be moved from the Funeral Home to a Church for the Funeral Ceremony, and then a procession to the cemetery for burial.
  3. A Graveside Service is a form of traditional service but adapted in that all services are held entirely at the cemetery or mausoleum. The casket can be open for a public viewing. Family and friends meet at the cemetery at a predetermined time, and there is no funeral procession.

If your family has chosen cremation but you plan to have a traditional funeral service with a public viewing of the body, you will most likely use, or at least be offered the suggestion of using a rental casket.

Exactly as the name implies, you simply rent the casket for the viewing and funeral service and the deceased is removed and placed in another container suitable for cremation. This would be called the cremation casket.

The rental casket will look just like a regular casket except that it has a removable liner. This liner will hold the deceased and for sanitary reasons does not come in contact with the “shell” of the casket. This cremation casket is cushioned inside the larger, more expensive rental casket. After the funeral services have concluded, this “alternative container” or cremation casket is lifted out of the outer rental casket and taken to the crematory. The decedent is cremated with the cremation casket.

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Memorial services and cremations are designed to handle the practical needs of managing a deceased person, religious rites, and the emotional needs of friends and family. A memorial service allows families to take advantage of the low cost of cremation over burial while still gaining the benefit of a formal process of saying goodbye and allowing loved ones to remember together and support each other as they grieve. Families will hold a visitation at the funeral home followed by a formal memorial service. This gives the family and friends time to express their condolences prior to a formal service.

People want to be able to support other family members and friends at a time of loss. These steps are important to the grieving and healing process for those left behind.

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